A Quiet Day at Home

Not much happened today. Ha! My daughter’s family got off in the early a.m. to drive to Seattle and then fly to London. Every piece of luggage (all fourteen action pacs) made it through the check-in without having to be rearranged due to weight. (Glory!) And they made it through security with their five children and seven carry-ons. My niece came to help me clean the house and regroup after two and a half months of having them all here. We dug some little plastic snakes out of the couch, and we sorted out toys and put up bins. Otherwise, not much damage. Those five little huggable grandchildren will be sorely missed! (I still haven’t washed off the little doodles on my porch columns that were made back in July.)

Then I dashed out with my younger daughter for a short jaunt. I sat in the car with the little ones while she went in for her rhogam shot. (Hats off to modern medicine.) Yesterday we went in for blood work (or as her oldest who is almost three says, to get her blood off). I asked her while we waited in the car today what she was going to do with two little babies at home. She quickly answered, “Change dirty buns.” Yep. She knows the ropes.

And tonight we go to celebrate the youngest of the clan’s first birthday. Our little Seamus James is one! What an appropriate ending to an eventful and delightful day.

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3 thoughts on “A Quiet Day at Home

  1. Mrs. Wilson,

    What a blessing your blog is! And how neat that your three daugthers will be contributing. This is definitely an answer to my request and prayer for encouragement and “conversation”, as per our recent email conversation.

    Thank you, and bless you!

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