And We’re Off

Thanks to Austin at SkyCow, my two daughters, Bekah and Rachel,  and my daughter-in-law Heather are now going to be posting on Femina with me. In other words, you are now in for a real treat. They are all very busy mothers with lots to say about lots of topics. I hope you will enjoy this new format. I even know how to post pictures now, but I promise to exercise restraint. With my daughter Bekah’s family hunkered down into serious packing mode to head back to Oxford on Tuesday, I’m doubting you’ll hear from her for a week or two. Between all four of us, I don’t know who has the most on her plate. But I’m hoping this will quadruple the output.

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19 thoughts on “And We’re Off

  1. Nice. Looking forward to it.

    Let Austin know maybe if he can’t fill an order at SkyCow to let the customer know and not say you’ll get back with someone when you won’t. Integrity says a lot about someone. I’m pleased to know he has assisted you and fulfilled any promises he has made to you. Wish we could have continued doing business with SkyCow. We’ve made several hundreds of dollars of purchases from others when we were trying to do it with SkyCow.

    Love the site and pray for this outreach ministry.

  2. But I wanted the other cover!

    Just kidding! 😉 Nicely done, Austin. The layout’s super and the readability is improved with the switch to Verdana.

    Looking forward to the multiplied input and output from the Wilsonesses.

  3. Looks great–this design is much more welcoming and cheerful than the moldy bread! And I’m sure it’ll be fun having the other ladies contribute to Femina as well.

  4. I’m really fond of the new layout! And not just because my torso is a prominent part of it, haha. It’s very cheery! And I’m excited about having Bekah, Rachel, and Heather on here!!

  5. The site looks great! Is that vintage fiestaware in the picture? love it! Can’t wait to hear from the girls.

    Discuss amongst yourselves: is invisibility a feminine virtue? By which I mean, if we do our jobs right, for the most part they go unnoticed. See:

    I would never want to be a ‘distraction’ from my husband’s ministry, but invisible? :::ouch:::

  6. Oh, well I didnt even know that you had a blog. Jenni is going to love this. On a side note, we linked to Doug’s blog for years as “Doug and Nancy Wilson’s blog” because I misunderstood the title and assumed it had something to to with “Pa and MA” 🙂

    (I never did get the Blog and Mablog joke until David Young explained it to me.)

  7. a little bit later…

    maybe invisibility is a virtue for anyone, male or female. He must increase, I must decrease? (meaning ‘He’ with a capital H, not just any old ‘he’.) Should our goal be the sort of holiness that is not thought of or noticed, by others nor by ourselves, except by Christ? Such that we only point to Christ, only reflect His light, and are given no more notice than a street sign? Is it only sinful pride in me that recoils from “invisible” as a compliment? Or maybe we are not invisible to our own husbands, but we are to everyone else’s. Probably best if every other man in church gives us very little notice.

    Are we somehow called to this more than men, or are our roles more suited to invisibility? Should I see that as a good thing? (I don’t…not yet.)

    Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack your blog. I just wondered what other Christian women thought about this. I respect your opinion and would love to hear your thoughts.

  8. My two cents about “invisibility” is this:
    I think Piper simply meant that these two women are strong pillars, bearing a lot of weight, and not needing constant reinforcement or direction. I really don’t think he was extolling invisibility as a virtue in itself. Otherwise he would not have been praising them quite visibly in the gates as he was. Unfortunately, many women whose husbands are in the ministry become very flamboyant. You know the kind: big platinum hair and weird poofy dresses with puffed sleeves. Or they are donning the ministerial robes and “sharing” the pulpit. A plague on both kinds!

  9. Love the new look…but the content carries this site anyway. 🙂

    Speaking of content, I have enjoyed the encouragement from one of your books regarding missing Sundays due to caring for sick chillens at home…as I end one of these days, I was thinking you lovely Wilsonettes could offer some direction and suggestions regarding activities at home on a day like this. I do not want it to blur into the other days as it is the BEST day – what did / do you do with your little ones on a Sunday at home? Thanks in advance…

  10. I’m excited about your new layout. I’ve been reading your site for a few months now and I’ve enjoyed it and learned so much from it. I’m looking forward to what’s to come!

  11. Thanks, Nancy, for responding. I appreciate you taking the time.

    One more thought: I would love to receive “praise in the gates” from my husband and children. Any other man, though, be he friend, elder, or Piper, would have to choose his words very,very carefully. If his “gate praise” got too enthusiastic, he would have to answer to my husband!

  12. Brandi, your questions made me think of an e-mail I got which was an excerpt of Nicole Johnson’s book Invisible Woman. Not sure about her theology, but the e-mail was encouraging if you’re feeling invisible. You can read the contents of it here:

    Oh, and I LOVE the new format! I’m excited about quadruple the output! 🙂

  13. I am really looking forward to the upcoming input from your lovely daughters and yourself. The new layout is darling and just perfect for all of your vibrant spirits!

  14. ah yes, this is much better. sometime you girls should do a post with practical tips on frugality. “how not to spend all of your husband’s money.” cuz i think they like us in proportion to the amount of money we don’t spend. i’m specifically thinking of all the money i go through at the grocery store. any tips?

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