So, imagine my surprise. I find a moment in a day, a brief lull in the storm, and I sit down to check my mother-in-law’s blog—maybe the new format is up.

The new format is up. And so is something else. An announcement of sorts. Apparently I’ve been made part owner of this thing. Hmm, I says to myself. I suppose now I’ll have to come up with something to say.

Truth be told, I’m sure this will be good for me. An opportunity to distill the jumbled thoughts that run through my head. At the ripe ol’ age of thirty-three, I don’t have much in the “wisdom that comes with years” department. More of the thoughts and advice of someone who took the scenic route and is now flying by the seat of her pants. Things like, just because you’re not expecting to get married, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn to cook a few things just in case. Or, if you want to avoid turning into to a blogging, navel-gazer who veers towards depression, maybe skip the steady diet of the Russians and Fitzgerald. Things like that.

I’m aiming to post a couple times a week, starting with some of my deepest thoughts. Thoughts like:

I Like the Ocean.


Music and Me.

If you’re not truly inspired or enlighted, well, like all good blogging, this is about me, not you (right? Isn’t that how these things work?), and you can always read the other posts. Until next time, Onward Christian Soldiers. Et cetera. (And so forth.)

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14 thoughts on “Shanghaied

  1. Cheers from the back row (I mean the place where all young mommies sit for the quick exit). Go ahead and distill those jumbled thoughts, and give us all hope that it can be done, even though for the last five years we haven’t been able to stick four thoughts together coherently in conversation with a friend without interrupting to tell someone else (someone small) to go potty. I cast my vote for starting with the ocean.

  2. Heather,
    I told you I am here for you sister. 🙂
    I have to admit a curious pleasure arrising at the thougtht of you being unleashed in this fashion. I have never known you to be a “talker” just for the sake of it. So express your thoughts and stimulate the senses.
    I will join Clair in the back row with wide eyes at the greatness unfolding. 🙂 I have found my self laughing out loud at these posts and I have every faith that you ladies will not disapoint.

    Praise be to God for the Pillars He has errected!! 🙂 As quoted by the Great Nancy Wilson. 🙂 I love you all.

    Oh, and yes Heather it is about you. 🙂

  3. Hola girls,

    Thank you, thank you. My cyber-self is feeling sufficiently affirmed.

    And special greetings to Miss Kimberly and the Swait clan! It’s been a long time.

  4. Hi my dearly missed sister,
    This should be fun. I’m excited to keep in touch this way and to hear what thoughts fill your head. I can only imagine them with four children and very little sleep.
    We miss you in Santa Cruz, but Moscow seems to be the perfect place for you. Looking forward to your California adventure this winter.

  5. Well, well, if Shana and Anna comment, your other sister must as well, although this is my first comment to ever be made in the blogoshpere.

    I agree with everyone else. It will be fun to hear from you! I have the privilege of knowing you better than most, and can say with all honesty, that you and Nate are an exceptional pair, full of encouragement and creativity and grace and passion. I continually learn from and am challenged by you and hope that others can reap the rewards of simply getting to know you a bit better.

    I’ll miss you when I leave dear Moscow 🙁

  6. Hi Heather!
    I’ll read what you’ve got to say! It will be fun to hear about your life in Moscow! Maybe we’ll see you the next time you’re in Santa Cruz!

  7. Knowing you for 33 years, I cannot remember you ever being “Shanghaied ” into anything…this will be lots of fun reading and perhaps, just perhaps someday, there will be another Wilson book with a funny cover…

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