Traditional Values

Now that two of my three girls have posted here, I must whoop and holler just a little. Just to clarify: Bekah is my older daughter, Rachel, who also goes as Lizziejanks because her middle name is Elizabeth and her last name is Jankovic, is my second daughter, and Heatherlinn is my one-and-only daughter-in-law, married to my one-and-only son. And I must also defend myself about this spurious charge of Heather’s about being shanghaied. Well, maybe it isn’t spurious. I should say it is a tradition in our family. The only reason I am writing on this blog is because my husband came home one day and popped this up on my screen. So let’s just say that I have tried to keep the tradition going. And it seems to be working quite well. Bekah is busy getting her family squared away in Oxford, but once she gets writing, I’m sure there will be no stopping her.

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One thought on “Traditional Values

  1. Well, I’m thankful for this blog. Reading it always leaves me encouraged and/or humbled (both of which I need). It’s also nice to have a bit of “home” at my fingertips. Thank you, Mrs. Wilson, Rachel, Heather and Bekah.

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