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Wow – you all have been fantastic! Thanks so much to all of you who have ordered Skirties, or emailed me to tell me how much you like my site! That’s been terrific – and I really appreciate all your kind notes!

One question keeps coming up – so I’ll just go ahead and answer it here. Yes – I’m hoping to expand into dresses. But before I fire up and start having dresses produced we’ll just see how it goes with the Skirty. But I’m so glad to hear from all of you who like the dresses – it makes me feel like there might be a market for them!

Here comes another of my regional observations. First of all, there is now at least one Skirty in 3 countries. (Way to go Australia!) But my regional observation this time is about our own dear 50 States. I had a feeling that this might be the case . . . and it’s turning out that I was right. The South is absolutely thumping the rest of the country in their appreciation of the Skirty. I’ve gotten orders from a number of different states – and the northwest is holding it’s own, the Midwest definitely has a presence, and the northeast has just a pitiful showing so far. But the South has everyone beat hands down. Are there more women in the South who are still concerned with the concept of being a lady? Do modesty and decorum still actually exist down there? Is it striking some sort of chord with the Southern Belles? Whatever the reason for it, I wholeheartedly approve of their enthusiasm – so go for it you southern girls!

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16 thoughts on “More Skirty Stuff

  1. Just a thought (in defense of us non-southern regions:))…maybe since we are in tights season, we just haven’t purchased our Skirtys yet? I know I want to get some for our girls, but mostly will need them come warm weather…and in case someone has a major growth spurt, I will wait to order then…We are looking very forward to that day! Yeah! for cute underthings!

  2. The skirty is so cute! Not surprising that it is catching on throughout the states and even to other countries! 🙂 Now all you need is a link where people can send pictures of their girls being free to run and do flips on the playground, cartwheels in their lawn, etc…thanks to the skirty! Although, you might get bombarded… congratulations on the success of your website!

  3. First of all, thank you for sharing your new clothing line. I was very excited to see the Skirty as we’ve been looking for something like this for a while.

    Do you have them in women’s sizing? Or are you planning to? I have always liked slips with legs, especially during the warm months. When swing-dancing I’ve almost always worn a slip with legs for twirly dresses and would love to have another pair or two. My MIL wants some too. 🙂

    The styles I usually find tend to be prairie-ish bloomers. The one pair I did find and liked is vintage and it’s getting fragile.

    Again, love your clothing site and look forward to what you share with us in the future.

  4. One reason for the popularity of the Skirty in the South may be that it fits in so well with the typical style of dress for little girls here. We love to dress our little girls in smocked bishop gowns and big hair-bows. At least on Sundays…

  5. Midwest chiming in, we love our girly dresses and big bows too, but it does get a tad cold on little legs. I wonder if it’s a warmer weather thing?

  6. Yes, although it is warmer in the South, it is still cold here now, definitely tights weather. I think the reason for the popularity in the South is mainly cultural, and that the weather has probably influenced the culture a bit. We do tend to dress our girls up more, and not just on Sundays. I have lots of friends whose little girls don’t even own pants(and not because they have theological reasons against them).

    And I would submit that even in cold climates, the skirty would look lovely over tights.

  7. Wow–that was fast shipping; I got mine a couple of days after I ordered it. Very cute and nice quality.

    Doing my best to help out with the northeast Skirty Stats!

  8. In the DEEP South, girls underwear or diaper are never exposed. Bloomers in the summer, pantaloons in the winter. Since this is already the cultural norm here, the skirty fits in with what people are already accustomed to buying.

  9. Howdy-do everyone!
    Angie – way to go on taking the Skirty to the Northeast!
    And now I’m going to weigh in on this question of the weather. First of all, in all of my pictures the Skirty is pictured with bare legs – and it understandably seems like a warm weather garment. However, I myself put my girls in them year round – and they wear them over tights in the winter. This isn’t really the cutest thing in the world, but it’s a massive improvement over everyone seeing pink panties showing through the tights. Or everyone seeing that the tights are on inside out and backwards. Or, my personal favorite – everyone seeing that the 7 year old accidentally put on the 3 year old’s pair of tights and is looking like she has penguin legs. But I should also make this qualification – I am talking here purely about white tights. I would never put a white Skirty over colored tights, or striped tights, or sweater tights. Some of those really hefty tights practically count as leggings with feet . . . and a Skirty would be superflous, not to mention unsightly, with a pair of those.

  10. I love this new idea…and coming from the Great Lakes region, it is an idea that will have to wait for us, as it is 30 degrees F and freezing rain/sleet today! However, I’m not waiting to pass this along to friends with little girls that might be interested. I’m looking forward to ordering:)!


  11. Another northeastern gal weighing in here on what seems to be the question du jour;-) It does seem that the South does reign supreme when it comes to gracious living here in the US. But I must stress that the weather and keeping warm is a huge issue up here in frosty upstate NY . As I type this, my girls are outside in a blowy snowstorm shoveling our driveway. Even though they are wearing dresses, they are toasty warm- mainly because they wear multiple layers from November on until March. We do long underwear under heavy thick tights…. and sometimes capri length leggings over top of that, or they might wear brightly colored leggings with coordinating socks. Our winter skirts are also heavier and longer and worn with thicker slips or petticoats as well. I agree with Rebekah that the skirty would work beautifully with lightweight white tights, but not so much with heavier fare. I suspect that things will even out a bit more once the weather becomes milder here in the great white north!

    Rest assured that we northern gals are just as concerned with keeping our little ladies well covered as are our southern sisters;-)

  12. I just wanted to say that even though I don’t have any little girls (yet), I would have LOVED this when I was little…I loved to climb trees and hang upside-down from the monkey bars but that always posed so many problems when I wore dresses….

    I am definitely passing this along to my friends with daughters!

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