Advent Celebration

Since we are now approaching the second Sabbath in Advent, I wanted to give you a good resource to link to that explains the candles, the colors, and the symbolism of it all. This one looks just great. We use white instead of the colored candles at our house, but I do like the symbolism of the purple or dark blue for royalty, etc. I’ve seen these colored candles for sale at Hallmark and they are labeled as Advent candles. So if you are looking for some, there’s a tip for you.

We light one candle each week as part of our liturgy before our Sabbath dinner. Doug does the reading and I do the lighting. Then we have one candle in the middle of the wreath for Christmas Day. Each week we start with the oldest candle, relight it, and move on in order to the new one. So you end up having a lovely little arrangement of staggered heights of candles.

Last week, because our baby twins were so new, I did a drive-by Sabbath dinner for our kids. We took the meal to our Wilsons and dropped it off, and then we went to the Janks and ate with them. So we are one candle behind and we’ll have to catch up tonight. We’ve missed being all together the last few weeks, because the Wilsons were visiting the Merkles for Thanksgiving, and then Chloe and Titus arrived. So tonight will be a reunion!

Our Advent Sabbath dinners involve mandarin oranges, bright red wine goblets that the kids gave me a few years ago (and little ones for the kids), and I have a small Advent gift each week for the grandkids. Tonight will be the first time our new little twins have been to our house! They are now ten days old and it is high time for a visit.

Our tree is now safely inside awaiting the important business of decorating. So I must be off. Many happy Sabbath blessings to you all!

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