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If you would like to read a very good explanation of Mary’s Magnificat, I heartily recommend Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ My Soul Magnifies the Lord. It is a collection of four meditations on the meaning of Christmas (published by Crossway Books) and is a mere 108 pages. Here are a couple of excerpts.

“Mary is rejoicing not so much in the fact that she is to be given this great privilege. Yes, she has been reminded by Elisabeth of what that is and of how people are going to call her blessed, and she repeats that: ‘from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.’ But that is not the thing that really moves her. It is what God is doing — this historic event, this climactic action of God Himself. She is humbled and grateful at the thought of the fact that she is to be given a part and a place in this, but it is the thing itself that moves her and makes her sing and worship. She is filled with a sense of amazement, worship, adoration, and utter astonishment. She sees the inner meaning of the action. She has a glimmering of understanding of the whole purpose of salvation, what God is doing in bringing forth His Son into the world, even out of her womb” (p. 16).

Here he is describing how God has “put down the mighty from their seats.”

“But He has done it in a supreme manner. When the King of kings and the Lord of lords came into this world, He came into a stable. If you do not feel a sense of holy laughter within you, I do not see that you have a right to think you are a Christian. Thank God, this is the Gospel, this is salvation. God turning upside-down, reversing everything we have ever thought, everything we have taken pride in. The mighty? Why, He will pull them down from their seats. He has been doing so, and He is still doing so. If any man arises and says he is going to govern, to be the god of the whole world, you need not be afraid — he will be put down” (p. 45).

There’s much more, so get yourself a copy. It is a good book to give to someone who wants to know more about the Gospel, and it’s a rich book for the believer.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Reading

  1. The last few weeks, as I have again reflected on Mary and her place in history, I have been in awe of her most wonderful response to the plan the Lord had for her. It is awe inspiring on so many different levels. Nowadays we can take for granted her response and lessen its value, not realizing the lessons she has provided for us as to how WE too should act when we are led by God to do something that may cause some initial complications (in Mary’s case-the scorn of an out of wedlock pregnancy and the possibility of losing her future husband). I have been enjoying your posts on this subject as they have helped me to expound on my own thoughts on the subject.

    Nancy, I was hoping you might be able to help me with something. I was wondering if you might have written any articles, books, have any audio lectures or know of other resources about the relationship between brother and sisters (sibling groups in general) and how we as parents might encourage and strengthen those bonds. I have a four year old and a one year old and I am getting overwhelmed as I see more of them bickering and yelling than I do of them loving on one another and sharing in joy their love for one another. I want SO badly for my children to grow up loving one another and finding friendship with one another-especially since we will be homeschooling.

    Any thoughts on this subject, or direction to resources you might know of would be so WONDERFUL. Thank you!

  2. I could use help in this area, too, Rebecca! I’m an only child and don’t understand the sibling bickering, though everyone tells me it’s normal. It drives me bananas! I see a lot of my kids loving on one another, but I also see a lot of “boy style” playing that goes too far for my little girl, which leads to whining… The battle of the moment seems to be to teach my boy to be a gentleman and my girl to be a lady. (and my baby to be quiet during the quiet parts of the worship service!) My husband keeps reminding me that there are far more opportunities for sin to be visible when there are multiple children, as opposed to just one, and it is good for me to see this and be able to address it. It does seem overwhelming at times, though. Nancy, (Oh, that sounds too familiar for someone I’ve never actually met, even though I’ve received scads of instruction from you over the years, but it seems to be the norm here… Do you prefer “Nancy” or “Mrs. Wilson”?) I second Rebecca’s request for instruction and/or resources on how to make siblings best friends!

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