Cupboards is Coming!

The day after Christmas is the release date for my son’s next book, 100 Cupboards. You mustn’t miss it. It’s a very exciting adventure. And can you tell? I’m so very pleased! (Be sure to click on the cupboard doors when you go look at the Random House web site.)

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4 thoughts on “Cupboards is Coming!

  1. Hm, and I was wondering what else to get the master of the house for Christmas…would it be fair to give him a book I would want to read immediately?

  2. I wonder how many Christmas gathering will be postponed so this can be given all wrapped up! (I’ve actually considered it!)

  3. I ordered mine and I’m wondering how to get Nate to sign it for me…I mine have to take advantage of my sister going to NSA. 😉

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