Hello from Home

Hello everyone! Doug and I have been out of town for a week (just got home yesterday afternoon), and we had very little opportunity to get to the internet while we were gone. (Actually, that was a good thing!) We got to visit old friends, worship with some of the saints in Annapolis, attend two high-school graduations, go out on the Severn River and into the Chesapeake Bay, do some sightseeing, and enjoy the world-class hospitality of our friends in Nacogdoches (that’s Texas!) and in Annapolis. I feel refreshed and ready to go!

So I got to read all the comments (and my daughters’ posts) this a.m. I really appreciate the comments you all make, and the way you make them. It’s refreshing to see the kindness extended to one another, even when you disagree with me or each other. Defensiveness is always a sure sign of some trouble or other, while meekness is evidenced by your teachable spirit toward one another.

So today I must attend to things like laundry, bills, and a host of other domestic duties, but I wanted to send you all a hello out there. Spring has really arrived here in Moscow, and what a different view I have out my windows now that the leaves have pushed out. It is glorious!

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4 thoughts on “Hello from Home

  1. Ditto what my friend Valerie said! The mini conference was worth the early morning rise and 4 hour drive! Thank you so much for the kind and gracious way that you and your husband teach us.

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