Visit Lovely Paris

Our good friends Mark and Chris (many of you know Chris because she is our church secretary and a whole lot of help to a whole lot of folks) have just wrapped up a fabulous trip to London and Paris (with a short day-trip to Oxford to see our kids). Mark is a well-known photographer in these parts, so if you’d like to see some amazing photos of their trip (and enjoy the zany commentary), do, please, go to their website and enjoy it all! While in Oxford, Mark very kindly did a photo shoot for Bekah and her new Amoretti designs. These folks just spread goodness and light wherever they go!

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2 thoughts on “Visit Lovely Paris

  1. Sooo lucky. I’m glad they had so many nice things to say about the experience. As someone with a degree in French all the over the top criticism gets a bit old. (Maybe one day I can talk Richard into taking this trip…except we’d have to stop in the south and in Grenoble. It would be impossible to *just* visit Paris…I’d like to go back to other places I have been.)

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