Happy Progress

First I want to show off my progress gathering in some of that cheery china I found while visiting the Merkles in the UK. Now isn’t that just fun?


Next, I want you to see that I have been sewing. I’m making crazy little skirts for the granddaughters and remember I have eight of them. I managed to get four made (three for the Merkles) before we went out of town. Now I must finish up the others for my little Moscow granddaughters. We are all going to the Oregon beach this summer, and I picture them all running along the beach in them. Well, maybe Chloe will crawl.


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14 thoughts on “Happy Progress

  1. I love those dishes!! I would put those gorgeous beauties on my wall too. Those are the kind of dishes that make you feel inspired to be creative, just by looking at them.

  2. The dishes are the most cheerful ones I’ve ever seen! But the skirts need some lovely girls inside them to look their best.

  3. I love both pictures. The dishes are so cheery. But I love the skirts on the clothesline picture the best. The skirts may look better with your cute granddaughters in them, but as it is, it reminds me of my grandmother’s farm I visited growing up. It is now my desktop wallpaper. Lovely 🙂

  4. Mrs. Wilson, your dishes and the shelf are simply lovely. Would you mind telling me where you found such a beautiful shelf or where I could find one?

  5. Wonderful work! So glad you decided to share. And I just love your white tea pot. The shape is devine. Where is it from?

  6. I’d be happy to share where I got such a lovely shelf. I found it at a yard sale, painted it white (it had been a cream, shabby-chic kind of color), and it makes me quite happy in a corner of my dining room. And the tea pot. Now that was a gift from my parents for my fifth birthday! We were living in Germany, so it’s a German tea set with the four cups and saucers, something I treasure.

  7. Ahh, your decorating and sewing skills are exquisite! Your daughters do come by it naturally, although, I have heard you deny this– but this post let the cat out of the bag! Thanks for the photos and for sharing, it motivates me to get busy around the house.

  8. How fun! Those skirts are one of the few things that make me wish I were more of a seamstress…
    And, either you were a very dainty and demure five year-old, or your parents knew to keep that tea set at arm’s length for a few years. :^)

  9. It looks like you are having a wonderful summer! Both of the pictures make me really happy!

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