Hockey Mom for VP?

Is it just me or did the Presidential election just become a lot more interesting? I never would have thought McCain could make himself so much more palatable. Busting out the mother-of-five never seemed like such an ace up the sleeve.

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13 thoughts on “Hockey Mom for VP?

  1. I keep checking my reader to see if blog mablog has written anything about this! I need to go do other stuff. 🙂 It for sure is more interesting…and pretty sadly interesting for her 5 month old baby.

  2. I can’t imagine how she could juggle it all as vp, but I am so interested to hear what she has to say. And I hope she does well.
    It is so refreshing to see a “real woman”, a mother of many who serves her husband and also functions well publicly. So many women politicians are just like men in feminine clothes….so ambitious and competitive stepping over whomever they find in their way.
    It looks like distinction has hunted Sarah Palin down. Such a contrast to Hilary!

  3. At the same time……

    I find it hard to get past how much she looks like Elaine on Seinfeld. I kind of expect she’s going to toss her head off to the side and start making wisecracks.

  4. From the little I’ve been learning about Sarah Palin, she has struck me as one who has stepped up to the plate to fill a void as opposed to one who is grasping power. It’s not like there’s been huge numbers of men willing to take an unabashed stand for life and against government corruption.

  5. I don’t know~~I can’t get excited about any woman on a presidential ticket. I don’t see how Sarah Palin can do her baby and other children justice while she tries to do the job of a VP, too. The pictures in the link above smack of feminism to me. “See? I can be a government leader and still take care of my baby.” Something will suffer, and I sure don’t want it to be her children, and I also don’t want it to be our country. The VP puts in long, hard hours. How can her children not suffer? This goes against so much of what I believe in. I won’t be voting for the McCain/Palin ticket.

  6. While I understand why this isn’t an easy bit to think through (after all, a vote for her would still be a vote for McCain and the job of VP is a big one, especially when you add five kids to the mix), these next presidential terms are crucial with regard to the Supreme Court. To have someone so committed to life around is seeming like a God send.

  7. Did anyone see the article that the New York Times put out a few weeks ago? It laid out the type of woman that Americans would vote for—a governor, mother of a couple children, among other things—and Sarah Palin pretty much fits the profile they offered. Purty interesting as a commentary on what kind of leadership we like in a woman. Not at all the Hillary type.

  8. God is merciful, isn’t he? We as a country totally deserve to have Obama be our president, but I am so excited about Palin! It seems like she was made specifically to be McCain’s VP. I’ve been praying for months that McCain would choose someone good, and here she (!) is.

  9. Heather,
    You didn’t mention that the woman graduated from the University of Idaho! She lived in this town and walked these streets and who knows, maybe she wandered into the Church of God basement one Sunday and heard a sermon from your father-in-law!
    I’m very excited to learn more about her!

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