Set Straight Again

One of the central benefits of worshiping on the Lord’s Day each week is the way this orients us for the week. Being the first day, it lays a foundation for the following six. And when we worship our Creator, we are doing what we were created to do.

Having our sins confessed, hearing the Word preached, singing praises to God, sitting down at His table to eat — all these things do far more than we realize. It is as though our hearts are tuned like an instrument that has gotten a bit off during the week. Or we are set straight again after drifting off. We are put right, given our bearings again so we know where we are and where we are going.

All this to say, the Lord’s Day worship is the most important thing we do as creatures. What could be more central to our lives than worshiping God? So Monday mornings should be our best days of the week because we are filled and fed and sent out.

Some years ago one of our grandkids was having “one of those days” and he told his mother something like, “I need the Lord’s Supper.” Even at his tender age, he knew how worshiping God with His people always set his little soul straight.

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2 thoughts on “Set Straight Again

  1. Amen and Amen!

    Going to meet with the Lord on Sunday mornings is something I especially look forward to when we are away from home because I realize in a very profound way how much I need it. We have been away for 3 weeks and we have 3 more weeks left. Yesterday we worshiped with the folks down in Morgantown, WV and what sweet fellowship it was. Hearing God’s word preached (excellent nourishing sermon), worshiping with His saints, communing together with them and thinking about our church family back home and how we are all one body just blessed and renewed my soul in a way that only worshiping God rightly can do.

    I was communing with you too. 🙂 That always brings me great joy.

  2. I have really seen this during this pregnancy when I’ve had to miss so much church due to sickness. When I can get myself there, even if it’s just to lay in the nursing room, watching the service on tv, without even energy to sing, I benefit so much from that corporate time.

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