Dandelion Fire

Turns out that my son is giving away a copy of Dandelion Fire (the sequel to 100 Cupboards)  here. So hustle right over and answer his question in order to enter the contest. This is one of his advanced reader copies, because, as you know, the book won’t be released until February.

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One thought on “Dandelion Fire

  1. Mrs. Wilson,

    Thanks for sharing this. I hope I win!

    Can you share how you were able to “install WP” for your blog? I have a blog with reformedblogs.com and my blog has disappeared.

    Do you know someone I could contact for help installing WP to get to my blog? Please email me with a contact person if you can help with this. I would be happy to pay a computer savvy person to help me get my memories back.

    Thank you!

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