It’s almost a miracle really.

I finished! With a whole day to spare too! This is our second highly intrusive Advent calendar, but I am glad to say that it is even cuter in person. Well, in the morning we’ll be ready!

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17 thoughts on “It’s almost a miracle really.

  1. I understand. My 11 yr old has been working on this. She has 14 done with more coming in the mail from a friend and Grandma. We’ll be a few days behind. I can’t wait to see it hanging!

  2. Now I see that you mom is giving away a copy as I scroll down the page farther. I also misspelled my own e-mail address…I was going to buy a copy at Waldenbooks, but when I went back it was already gone. Just looking for where I might be able to purchase one and if you might have connections to get one signed. e-mail is Thanks!


  3. Wow, you are one cool, and I might add, fun grandma! I am so jealous. Well, I guess that one day it will be my turn. I think I may end up copying this adorable idea!

  4. Aww, so fun! I actually just finished making a mitten Advent calendar on Saturday too! However, instead of a garland (since I had no idea where I would be able to hang it), our mittens are hanging in four rows (seven on each dangling chain) from a ribbon covered dowel. It kind of looks like a mitten waterfall on our living room wall. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Advent blessings to all!

  5. I don’t know if those pom-poms on the end are as big as I think they are, but they look so huggable! I’m sure my girls would love those.

    This is so cute and inspiring. So will you take a pair down for each day, and is there something special inside each one? Or is it just taking a pair each day to help count down?

    Thank you also for posting the other advent ideas from the other websites. The felt squares one has inspired me to make my own this year!

  6. Tami,
    Though I would love to take the credit for these mittens… is Rachel (otherwise known as Lizzie), young mother of four small ones (ages four and under), who made the mitten Advent calendar. I buy the ready-made ones, but I am still, as you say, one cool grandma! Ha!

  7. Hi there!
    This “calendar” is a sort of countdown, but there is something inside each mitten. We are starting with Hershey kisses, a clue, and part of the Christmas story. The clues will only be in some, and they will be things like “Go look under your pillow!” We are doing a lot of small-potatoes gifts throughout Advent: new coloring books, umbrellas, the Christmas nighties I made them, socks, a new movie, even their new snow-pants. We have another Advent calendar which is activities like making cookies, or putting up the lights, or just eating a candy cane. I’ll post new pictures of that one soon.

  8. Hi Ladies!
    I am grateful for your fun Advent calendar pictures and ideas. This is our first Christmas with our baby girl and we have decided to start some Advent traditions! We are starting small- a little table-top tree with tiny boxes that hide candy (or baby puffs for Mia) and a Scripture verse. I am glad I checked out your ideas and saw that Advent calendars can be fun, kooky, elegant, or just made out of whatever rather than the store-bought, Thomas Kinkaide-y picture kinds!
    I look forward to hearing more of your wonderful ideas.

  9. Love all the Wilson family advent ideas! We are looking for a good set of advent readings for our advent candles. Any suggestions? Does your Dad have any?

  10. This is really fun. I’m so glad I didn’t get rid of this mitten widowed by a chewing puppy. It’s a start, anyway, and a great little present holder by itself.

  11. Hey Rach,
    I’m impressed that you got it done, it is still daylight, and your house is all tidy, all at the same time!
    Well finished ๐Ÿ™‚

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