Jingle Bells

We made some of these today at our house -  a big hit!

This is rather obviously bits of egg carton painted and glittered and hung with a bell, but the general Christmas merriment level was definitely boosted! And now, if you come into our house, the front door will softly jingle and children will come running to tell you all about it! What more could you possibly want?

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8 thoughts on “Jingle Bells

  1. Love them. I am tempted to hastily and prematurely free my eggs from their carton so that I can resurrect ugly cardboard and raise it to a truly glorified state….bright, beautiful, bells. Thanks for sharing your advent fun.

  2. After seeing these comments I realized I should tell you that if you want instructions, these are from Martha Stewart and you can find them on her website. Ours were not this professional – because we are 2 and 4 years old, not craft magazine editors!

  3. These are so pretty.
    You know last year we did a similar idea with egg cartons only we did the whole glue and glitter for the outside, made loops with the ribbon and hung them on the tree in single bells for ornaments. The kids loved them. We pulled them out this year to put them on the tree and the kids where just as excited to see them this year as last. Gotta love those egg carton crafts…and so cheap, they even look cute to boot.

  4. I just took out the last few eggs for the baking I need to do tonight, and I find I’m having trouble throwing away the carton! But I don’t have little ones to entertain, and I don’t have time to make jingle bells myself, so I guess I’d better get rid of it. 😉

  5. I was looking for great and simple ideas…and I loved this one!
    I will do it with my little 6 yo. girl.

    Thank you!

    Becky…starting to celebrate the best season of the year!

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