Check It Twice

Despite all the shopping for the gifts, the household must continue to hum along on all cylinders. So I hope you have been restocking all those Christmas necessities….like toilet paper and matches, or diapers and formula. You get the idea. Who wants to run out of dishwasher soap Christmas morning? Or worse, find that you have no garbage bags when it comes time to clean up. Other necessities? I would say coffee and filters are definitely high on my list. And I filled up my car today. Am I forgetting anything?

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5 thoughts on “Check It Twice

  1. for me it’s Ice Melt that I have forgotten the last two times I’ve run to the store! I plan to fix that today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. A house fairy, who does all the all the cleaning, laundry, and dinner-making, so that the mom (me) can have time to do the fun Christmas crafts and make Christmas cookies.
    Sadly, house fairies seem to be out of stock wherever I look.

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