Building a Snowman in Oxford

We were greeted in the UK by a load of snow! What a wonderful thing for the kids, and they didn’t have to be told what to do with it. It’s a bit of a dirty looking snowman, but I am especially fond of his cowboy hat loaned to him by Knox. We are here to visit the Merkles, and what a lovely trip it has been so far. Bekah took me grocery shopping this morning, and I got a few packages of mallow tea cakes and hobnobs to take home in my suitcase for the Moscow grandkids. I would be in bad form if I showed up without them!


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3 thoughts on “Building a Snowman in Oxford

  1. In Maine we have about 3 feet of snow, but not the right snow for a snowman. Their snowman is wonderful!

  2. This is in front of their farmhouse and that is an old stone wall. However, the stones sticking up are some kind of markers, but Bekah doesn’t know what they are for. We hope they are not gravestones!

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