Meet me at the lamp post.

The story goes that C.S. Lewis was in attendance at a chapel service at Brasenose College, got bored with it, and slipped into a cupboard (what we call a closet) where the vestments were hanging. He found a door in the back of this closet, opened it, and stepped into an alleyway where he was greeted by this very lamp post. And it was snowing. On an adjoining building are two fauns carved into the stone facade. (If you look to the left of my head and up a bit, you’ll see one.) This is a spot of his sublime inspiration. So here we are, snow and everything, in Narnia.


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10 thoughts on “Meet me at the lamp post.

  1. Y’all are just the cutest couple! I ‘d love to look like you when I’m a grandma! I hope you have a wonderful time with your UK family–I know they’ve missed you!!!

  2. Not to disappoint everyone about the above inspiration for Narnia, but I asked the director and assistant director of the Marion E. Wade Center in Wheaton, IL, about the veracity of this story (since I have worked at the Wade Center and had never heard or read the story before). Neither person (both well-versed in things C. S. Lewis) had heard this account, but neither could they say it was inaccurate. One did note that it is unlikely Lewis would have been at a Brasenose chapel service unless he were the speaker or a guest, making it very unlikely that he would sneak out. And apparently, Lewis already wrote about where he got his inspiration for the faun. Where, I don’t know….

  3. My daughter would have the wonder of Lucy in her eyes if she could stand in that very spot. Even at age 4, the Narnia series is already her favorite. Thank you for sharing this bit of the backstory!

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