Toledo in Springtime

This coming weekend, Lord willing, Doug and I will be in Toledo, Ohio at Christ the Word church (pastor David Bayly) where Doug will be preaching on the Authority of the Word. We have been looking forward to this trip, and it is finally here. I used to think that we were going in the spring, but it turns out we are going in the dead of winter (leaving several inches of new snow). But snow or not, here we come.

Maybe it will be spring when we come back on Monday. I know, I know. Spring is not officially here until March 20. I will go out on the front porch and give my snow shovel notice that his lease is up in just eleven days.

Meanwhile, in Toledo I will have the privilege of teaching the women at their annual retreat on the subject of the feminine heart. Do you have any idea how much the Bible has to say on the heart? It is truly astonishing!

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6 thoughts on “Toledo in Springtime

  1. I do hope you’ll enjoy Toledo! I wish I could stow away in your suitcase and go back home to Toledo with you and Pastor Wilson. It certainly is a funny, ironic twist that I’ve moved here to Moscow just before you all are visiting my home church. 🙂

  2. here’s a kind of interesting thing i stumbled upon regarding the Biblical view of the heart… once my teen daughter and i did an informal study of the idea of “following your heart” (after watching disney’s “the little mermaid” with an especially critical eye) we couldn’t find any example where “following your heart” was presented in a positive light. not one single time… in fact it was viewed as pretty much a recipe for disaster. what with all of the importance our society places on “following your heart, following your dreams” we thought that was pretty stark.
    and of course we all know that God wants us to only follow Him. He wants complete control of our heart… he values our hearts deeply♥

    wish i could attend that retreat… it sounds like the teaching will be most worthwhile:)

  3. We eagerly await your arrival and being warmed by the wisdom God has given you.

    The first signs of spring have reached Ohio. We have exchanged snow for mud. The snow shovels are put away, but not too far from reach. And mud boots are actually functional and fashionable in Northwest Ohio right now. You will see why we are called the “Great Black Swamp.” The forecast calls for rain,rain and more rain.

    We are praying for your safe travels.

    And, Hi to Tricia.

  4. We are extremely excited to have you here! I know that many women here are praying for you and for our hearts to be receptive to the words you will speak!

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