The Circus Maximus


(Which, come to think of it, would be another way of describing our day yesterday!)

Do you see those clothes everyone has on? Those were the clothes that we started out in from Pavia on Tuesday morning. Look well upon them. They are the clothes that everyone still has on . . . only looking rather more rumply now.

However . . . the Circus Maximus!! And the Colosseum! And the Roman Forum! I mean I ask you. How can you complain about rumply pants with Nutella on them when you get to see that?!

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5 thoughts on “The Circus Maximus

  1. At least the clothes are all adorable…and it is hard to complain of anything when Nutella has been in your past and is likely to be in your future!

  2. Your adventure is a great read! If you all need a place to rest and stay on your way back home, let us know, you would be most welcome. We are in Stuttgart, Germany, a great little village where I promise your last few posessions would not be stolen!

    The Fenimore Family

  3. Here, here! I’m so glad you guys are getting to see all that stuff. What a wonderful experience for everyone. One day you’ll just laugh about the clothes!

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