Tidy Guests

 Okay, so what’s with the shoes? Doug is leading a high-school Bible study in our family room in the basement on Wednesday nights. There must be forty plus kids downstairs, and they all very kindly leave their snowy/wet/muddy shoes at my door. Last week when they all left, there was not a trace of them. A detective could not have figured out that we had piles of teenagers in our house just moments before. And I even served chocolate chip cookies and popcorn! These are great kids and very easy guests!


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5 thoughts on “Tidy Guests

  1. Whose cute pink toenails are those?! Oh I wish it were warm enough to have toes out and painted.

    Hmm, maybe if I paint them it will get warmer. 🙂

  2. i noticed those toes too.. very sweet indeed-y;)

    and wowsers, those are considerate guests! i’ve had adults that left my house in a shambles, lol

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