“Sincerity enables the Christian to do two things in affliction which the hypocrite cannot — to speak good of God, and to expect good from God.”

“There is a day coming, and it cannot be far from us, in which we shall meet lovingly in heaven, and sit at one feast: full fruition of God shall be the feast, and peace and love the sweet music that shall sound to it; and what folly it is for us to fight here who shall feast there!”

“Prayer must be the key of the morning, and the lock of the night. We show not ourselves Christians, if we do not open our eyes with prayer when we rise, and shut them again with the same key we lie down at night. Pray as often as you please besides.”

William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armour

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3 thoughts on “Gleanings

  1. Thank you for these wonderful gems. Especially the first. That is my prayer right now: that I would faithfully speak good of my kind Lord while looking ahead with hope, expecting good from Him again.
    Thank you, Mrs. Wilson.

  2. These are beautiful. I look forward to feasting with you in heaven. In the meantime, I continue to ask the Lord for another chance to feast with you here on earth.


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