Back in the USA and other news

The Merkles made it! Hoorah! We are very thankful, as you can imagine.

They arrived in Seattle last night and spent the night there. Then today they hauled their trailer full of luggage across the Cascade Mountains to home again.

Bekah has some fun stories about the trip, but they are all good. No catastrophes. In fact, the whole thing was a spectacular success.  But I will let her tell you the splendid details. Thanks for your prayers for them!

We had all eight cousins lined up on the deck to wave to them as they drove up the driveway. (Actually, a little no-name cousin, currently referred to as Cinco, was also present, which brings the total cousin count on the deck to nine, though this little one was no doubt unaware of the significance of the event. Yep. Nate and Heather are expecting! Yay and Hooray!)

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12 thoughts on “Back in the USA and other news

  1. I love your response and your excitement about Cinco. When my husband and I anounced pregnancy number five we did not received the same reponse from our family. It was more along the lines of “how many more are you going to have?” or “don’t you know how to stop that from happening?” Thank you for your yay and hooray, it reminds me that children truly are a blessing from God and not an inconvenience. May the Lord greatly bless Nate and Heather in their endeavor to raise godly children. Congratulations!

  2. One more after Cinco, and you’ll be tied with my maternal grandparents — three children and 15 grandchildren. But my money’s on your exceeding that count when all’s said and done.

  3. When we announced the pending arrival of child number four, the day after the Sept 11 tragedy, we were asked by a close relative “How could you possibly want bring a child into this world?” How could we not? God be praised for the provision of many arrows in a fallen yet redeemed quiver.

  4. Hooray! for the weary travelers. i was praying for safety and sanity for all. And congratulations on another little life. what a beautiful day!

  5. Praise the Lord the Merkles are home safely. You all, including them, must be very thankful and glad. Congrats to Nate, Heather and fam too! Praise the Lord for his gracious and abundant blessings!

  6. My hearty congratulations on all your good news. I’m the first born of seven children, I have three brothers and three sisters. Your little Cinco reminds me of a story I wish to tell on my youngest brother. After my mother died my brothers and sisters and I were sorting her personal belongings when we discovered a diary she had started when she was pregnant with him. In 1965 it couldn’t be known whether you were carrying a boy or a girl, so she called him #6.

  7. Hooray for a safe return of the Merkles, and a new grandbaby on the way!!! Happy times at the Lake House to you Nancy.

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