And where is Lizzy?

You may have noticed that you haven’t seen much blogging activity from the Liz (as we call her). And she has good reasons. In fact, I think the last time she posted up she was promising a recipe. No chance right now. Can  you guess?

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23 thoughts on “And where is Lizzy?

  1. OK, here are my guesses:

    * She’s been abducted by aliens.

    * The twins poured a gallon of olive oil on her keyboard, and her fingers keep sliding off.

    * She’s fasting from the Internet as a protest against the war.

    * Luke’s been hogging the computer trying to beat his best Minesweeper time.

    * You’ve taken away her posting privileges as the latest strike in an escalating family feud.

    * She’s taken up the hobby of juggling live wolverines and has to practice all the time.

    * The wolverines have nibbled off all her fingers.

    * Having Tilt-a-Whirl half dedicated to her has gone to her head, and she’s refusing to post until the management meets her new salary demands.

    * She’s reopened La Bella Vita…as a tattoo parlor.

    Do I get a prize if I guessed right?

  2. There once was a girl named Lizzy
    Who started to feel very dizzy
    She went straight to bed
    And couldn’t be fed
    The thought of food made her fizzy

    And by “fizzy” I mean “throw up”. So sorry. Food always has made me feel better in pregnancy…the more I eat the better I feel–until I make the mistake of weighing myself! Ha!

  3. Franci,
    Yes, you guessed it. She will get her first ultrasound this week, which should either relieve her mind (that it is really only one this time) or it will give her many reasons to laugh out loud!

  4. Wonderful news! I’m grateful for the internet to keep me up with old friends in Moscow. Hugs and hand in there Rachel!

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