Winter Feast Pics

My nephew Dane Wilson took pictures at the Winter Feast this past Friday night, and I begged for a couple to post here for you. The first is an overview of the room. The tables were set for 304 people, so you get a bit of an idea of the size of this thing. The next photo is of our newly acquired church dishware. And the last is of some of our fabulous volunteers who are in a sea of wineglasses!


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One thought on “Winter Feast Pics

  1. Oh for the days when all churches used *real* dishware.. sigh. I remember when I was a young married gal, I had the task of cleaning out the church cupboards. On a very high shelf, out of sight were rows and rows of jade-ite dishes. Serving bowls, cups and saucers all embossed with the sweetest little flowers on the green glass. When I asked one of the older ladies about them, she sighed and said, “Oh those old things? I don’t even know why we keep them around.” She said things were much easier on the hospitality committee, now that we were able to use styrofoam plate and cups, and although I do see her point, I really miss using real dishes.

    You know, I revisited that church a year or so and had the audacity to check the cupboards to see if the old jade-ite was still there. It wasn’t- apparently it had all been dumpstered at some point along the way. So sad… especially as those dishes would be worth an absolute fortune these days!

    Sorry for the drone on… but I haven’t thought of those church dishes in years, and you reminded me. Thanks for the trip down memory lane;)

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