3 thoughts on “Parenting Skills

  1. Thanks for the link – we’ll hop over and read it. We really love how he writes. One of my favorites by him is, Mr. Badman and the NICE. 🙂

  2. Hello, Mrs. Wilson, I discovered your blog about two weeks ago and have finally finished reading all the archives. Thank you so much for all your (and your daughters’) wonderful advice; I especially appreciate your articles for unmarried ladies, as I’m nineteen and quite single. I have a question that no one here seems to have addressed yet: How should a woman of marriageable age deal with a ‘crush,’ particularly when there is nothing objectionable about the young man? And then more specifically, how should she deal with it when she’s known from the beginning that the young man in question feels called to singleness? So far the best advice that I’ve heard is never to discuss it, but, although that helps, it’s not quite enough.

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