A Handmade Christmas Tree (what a pun!)

I told you Blaire didn’t like finger painting, but I believe a better way to describe the situation would be that she does not like finger painting, but not eating the paint. However, one mad baby later, we had this enormous piece of family Christmas art. I love how terribly homely it is! We used two colors of green fabric paint, a big piece of canvas, and some sweet vintage Christmas bias tape that my mother-in-law found somewhere. Felt stickers label our handprints, and while I was originally planning to do a star or some ornaments, I feel that this may just be as busy as it ought to be! It hangs at the end of our hall, here pictured by Blaire’s basket of toys. But that is not where we keep the toys – we keep those all over the living room floor, and sometimes in the kitchen. A few in the laundry room for good measure, some under the couch, and also stuffed into purses and beds hither and yon.

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10 thoughts on “A Handmade Christmas Tree (what a pun!)

  1. So cute! Your kids did a great job! (I’m sure you helped a little.) I have a wreath my oldest made when she was 4 using her hand prints for the greenery and her fingerprints for the red berries. She’s 20yo now and married, but I hang it up every Christmas to remember “the good ol’ days” when she was little.

  2. Very fun and a great memory maker! I have two kids that DON’T like anything that requires messy hands – including finger painting.

  3. I love this!! Very fun, indeed. Also, love the turquoise room (I have one in my house too!) and the pretty ripple blanket on the bed!

  4. Definitely would love to do this someday if the Lord brings more children into our wee little family, what a fun idea! 🙂

  5. Cute idea! We don’t have room for a Christmas tree in our teeny little home, but I could probably find room for something like this. Oh wait, all our walls are covered with bookshelves…never mind. 🙂 Oh, and we have that same pink soft doll, though she’s probably fallen behind a bed.

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