Logos Benefit Concert

This is too fun to miss. As my husband has explained, he and some of his buddies “will be holding a benefit concert in honor of Logos School’s 30th year of faithful service in the field of classical education. And because Logos provides a classical and Christian education, we thought a good way to mark the year and have fun at the same time was by turning to the only other kind of classic we know, which would be classic rock. Okay, and some blues.”
Of course we would love it if you all could come. But chances are good that won’t happen. So check out their website, and you can even catch some video footage of them having fun practicing in our basement.

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3 thoughts on “Logos Benefit Concert

  1. I am thoroughly impressed by the sets! 🙂 I’m glad it’s going to be webcast–should be a blast!

    (And I don’t know if someone has hacked your new server, or if it’s a cookie thing going on, but it looks like there’s another virus attached to Femina. 😛 )

  2. I think I can easily convince my husband that this is how we should celebrate our anniversary. This looks fun!

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