Little Surprises

In my post-Christmas, post-flu clean-up mode, I was scrubbing bathrooms this a.m. The hall bath is a guest bath, so though it is often used by visiting grandchildren, et al, the tub is seldom used, and is therefore not on the regular weekly cleaning list. So it has, apparently, been long neglected, as I discovered today when I pulled back the shower curtain. There was my missing scrub brush which I forgot to put away when I was scrubbing the window screens some weeks ago! Aha! I was so pleased to find that thing because I had been hunting for it. But imagine my delight when I also found the three, or was it four, missing green beans! There they were, much to my surprise. And mighty glad I am that I didn’t send some unsuspecting guest in for a bath.

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5 thoughts on “Little Surprises

  1. Oh…THAT’s where I left them! 😉

    (Actually I’d be looking for a bean-hater who had to use the potty during dinner. I know it’s the sort of thing I would have done as a bean-hating child!)

  2. Yes, Valerie, I’m often suspicious when one of the kids asks to be excused to use the restroom during dinner!

  3. I recall a sermon from Mr Wilson in which Rachel, as a child, deposited a sandwich in the trash while you weren’t looking……maybe it’s an inherited trait

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