When I was painting and rearranging my laundry room, I did a little browsing online for ideas, and I found a brilliant one on Martha Stewart’s page. I needed a place to hang the ironing before and after, and I didn’t want to get some awkward contraption that would end up being in the way rather than streamlining my laundry room. Check this out! It is a little (and very inexpensive) towel rack that Doug screwed into the bottom of the shelf for me right over the ironing board. Like I said, Brilliant!

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13 thoughts on “Brilliant

  1. The simplicity and “duh”-ness of it makes me want to do the old “I coulda had a V8” hit on the forehead. And I enjoyed a chuckle at Valerie’s comment.

  2. Cute! Now that I have met Valerie in person, I can tell that I am going to get a kick out of reading her comments.

  3. Very funny Valerie! I always enjoy your comments on Doug’s blog too. Is Kyriosity actually your name?

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