Logos Benefit Concert

Logos School is 30 years old this year, and one of the celebrations coming up is the Benefit Concert next week. Logos School has been a big part of our family. It opened in time for Bekah’s kindergarten year, and all three of our children attended and graduated from Logos. Now we have ten grandkids at Logos: one in preschool, one in kindergarten, two in first grade, two in second grade, one in third, one in fourth, one in fifth, and one is sixth. Next year we’ll add one more, and so the story will go until all fifteen are there. We are just thrilled!

Over the 30-yr history of the school, my husband has served on its board, taught elementary Latin, high-school apologetics, Greek, classical literature, logic, rhetoric, and a bunch of electives. I have taught 7th, 8th, and 9th grade English, American literature, British literature, senior rhetoric, and classical literature, as well as a handful of electives. Of course we did not do all this at the same time. Once I started teaching high-school lit classes, I quit teaching junior-high, and after Rachel graduated, I took a ten-year break from teaching (except a couple of electives and covering a class one year for a teacher on sabbatical).  We have enjoyed our contact with the school and all the wonderful people it has brought us into contact with.

Logos does not have a fancy building. It is an old roller rink that has been converted into a school. I remember when Doug got home at 11 pm one night, and I was surprised to see him  home so early. He was helping with the remodel, under the gun to get it finished in time for school to start. The roller rink is really too small, so the school added some portables to house the overflow. It has acquired surrounding land, one bit at a time, and has built a field house. Given the enthusiastic enrollment for next year, more portables are needed. And some day, we hope and pray that we can build a bigger and better building. But that’s not what Logos is all about.

The purpose of the school is to teach kids to think like Christians. They work hard. They learn Latin, beginning in third grade. They are a surprisingly impressive group, year after year. Of course, not every child who attends Logos gets a classical, Christ-centered education. But it is there for the taking, and many avail themselves. We have many dedicated teachers, some who have been there for decades. My son Nate’s fifth-grade teacher is still at Logos and will be teaching Rory (Nate’s son) in a couple of years, Lord willing. Logos does not have a very impressive financial package to offer its teachers, but it has remarkably loyal teachers who love the kids and love the subjects they teach.

We have so much to be grateful for in this place where we and our kids have learned so much, and where their kids are learning ever so much more. So come to the concert if you can and support Logos School into the next generation. But you can’t make it, you can still feel free to pop a gift off to Logos. Here’s the website where you can do so. And God bless you!

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6 thoughts on “Logos Benefit Concert

  1. What you have is quite a blessing, it takes hard work and dedication. Keep up the good work of building the Kingdom all you Saints up in Moscow! 🙂

  2. We’re very happy for you all – what a blessing to have seen 30 years there! Congratulations!

    Praise God!

  3. Congratulations! Lord willing, Trinitas will be celebrating 30 years one day – and I hope to be there to celebrate with them.

    One statement you made hit me: “Of course, not every child who attends Logos gets a classical, Christ-centered education. But it is there for the taking, and many avail themselves.” So much of life is like that. I hope you don’t mind that I just put in on Facebook!

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