Last time we went on a trip, I wrote a (nice) little feature story on the pat-down. This time we made it through the security lines with no weirdness, for which I am very grateful. We visited Southern Cal this past week and got to catch up with Doug’s sister and her family. It was delightful, and though everyone kept apologizing for the chilly weather (68 degrees), we felt we had fast-forwarded into springtime. Flowers in bloom for real!

One highlight was visiting the Huntington Library, a place that has been on my hope-to-get-to-visit list for some time.  And there it was in plain sight: a first-edition (the Ellesmere manuscript) of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. (I was so wishing I could reach through the glass and get a peek at some of the other pages.) Next was a Gutenberg Bible (which was purchased for $50,000 by Mr. Huntington back in the day). What a chunk of history just sitting there there. I don’t know what motivated Mr. Huntington to collect all this stuff for posterity, but I’m very grateful that he (and others like him) went to the trouble. And the gardens! Wisteria in full bloom. What more can I say?

Next we made the trek through the (never-ending) metropolis down to Redondo Beach for a marriage conference. We stayed in a beautiful hotel, right on the water, and we watched the seals cavorting about a hundred yards off our porch. Turns out it is the same spot where a bunch of little fish got trapped the week before and all died off suddenly. We missed the mess and enjoyed the cleaned up view of the bay. And it was a pleasure to connect with the saints there and see the work God is doing in their church community. Doug spoke on different aspects of marriage, cramming  quite a bit of material into a fairly short time.

And then the flight home. That is when the trouble started. We usually travel in the morning, but this was an evening flight out of L.A. First flight was late, but we made it to San Fran with about ten minutes to get to our gate. But, no worries, the flight had been canceled. By this time it was 9:30 p.m. We re-booked to Seattle for a flight leaving at 10:30. However, it was delayed until about 12:30, and we arrived in Seattle at 3 a.m. Did I mention that I could hardly see straight by then? The airline gave us a voucher for a hotel, but our connection to Spokane was leaving at 7 a.m. (Can you imagine dashing off from the airport, grabbing the shuttle to the hotel, checking in, crashing for an hour, getting up, grabbing the shuttle, going though security, etc? We would have to be nuts!) So we found some “cozy” corners in the Seattle airport and dozed off and on until we got out to Spokane, arriving at 8 or so, without our luggage. But we drove home Sunday morning, arriving around 11, and went straight to bed. I can’t begin to describe the gratitude I feel for my bed. If I was a poet, I would write a sonnet to that bed! And another one to my pillow.

Home sweet, sweet home again! And even if I am still a little bleary-eyed, I’m catching up. It’s a privilege to travel, and a little sleep deprivation is good for the soul.

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11 thoughts on “Bleary-Eyed

  1. I’m so glad you made it to Huntington! When we were first married we loved the gardens, but when we visited last summer we never even made it out of the library. I also loved the Virgil and the Spenser. What a treasure!

    And welcome home!

  2. The Huntington Library is such an amazing place! I had to drag myself away from the collections. My parents used to go there for dates in college because back then admission was FREE!

  3. I accidentally put this on your daughter’s post, but I also meant to say that there’s a wonderful used Christian bookstore in Pasadena, just a mile or so from the library and grounds. It’s called “Archives,” and is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon if you happen to be down that way again!

  4. I should have mentioned that Doug had a great time visiting the Archives! I milled about with him for a bit, and then Heather (his sister) and I went across the street to the quilt shop.

  5. For those that are local there is a free day every first Thursday of the month. You have to go to their website and order the tickets on the 1st of the month before your visit. So for May tickets you have to log on April 1st.

  6. I LOVE the Huntington Library. When we used to live in Southern California before moving out here to Arizona we used to have yearly passes. That’s one of the few places I actually miss. The tea room is wonderful and a real treat. The gardens, the library….I’m so glad you got a chance to go. 🙂

  7. Ah Nancy, I spent a night in the Seattle airport on my way to Nate and Heather’s wedding. At least they were willing to give you a voucher–they suggested that I and the guy next to me (a complete stranger!) might share a room to split the cost! I ended up searching high and low for a row of seats with no armrests…longest night of my life!

  8. Kelly, I never heard that story! The day we flew to Santa Cruz for their wedding was the day of the Seattle earthquake, so the plane turned around and went back to Spokane, and from there flew directly to San Jose. Too bad you weren’t flying with us!

  9. I thought of you this past week as I went through security with my three small children (4 year old twins and a 20 month old). Who did they “randomly” pick to enter the chamber of nakedness (aka – scanner) or else receive a public fondling??? Bingo – me! Seriously??? Mother with three small children already stressed to the max? Nevertheless, you were in my thoughts as I was patted down and sent on my merry way after being declared a non-threat to society. I thought – if Nancy can survive this, so can I!

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