New House, New Fun!

We are finally here – partly in boxes, partly in piles, without enough curtain rods, garbage cans, or lamps. I have trouble figuring out where to put my fistful of dryer lint. But we are so very happy here!  One of the first things that we really loved about this house was the trees. It is a great place to be a kid. There are at least five good climbing trees, cherries, apples, and plums. There is a fort behind the ivy,  a bunny under the deck, and quail everywhere else. Titus here is modeling one of the climbing trees. I even climbed this one, and it was great! True, it was more of a search and rescue climb than a pleasure climb, but it was still fun.

Of course this house of ours has some truly signature sixties features also.  But who doesn’t love a little decorating challenge? As soon as we make a smudge more progress with normal life, and figure out where to put our crayons, I’ll show you some more pictures!

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9 thoughts on “New House, New Fun!

  1. Hurrah! Congrats on the new place. We look forward to those pics. Don’t forget to take the “befores” now in order to maximize the awe we will feel upon seeing the “afters”!

  2. Congrats on the new house! I can’t wait to see more pictures, I loved your happy yellow mirror on the Easter buffet.

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