The English Pub

We’ve  changed countries since I last checked in, and now we are in Jolly Ol’ England where we can speak our mother tongue (though not so lovely as the folks here). Our kindly host picked us up at Heathrow on Wednesday and took us to this perfectly English pub for lunch, and I could not help but order fish and chips. Glorious, I assure you!

Then we got to widen our experiences by taking the tube and the train on Thursday to Cambridge where we visited my niece Brooke, her husband Daniel, and their fat cherub son Caedmon. We tramped all about Cambridge, taking in King’s College Evensong service which was not only a beautiful educational experience, but reinforced my Puritan loyalties all the more.

Now we are tucked into a top-notch English bed and breakfast, enjoying the saints and the sights here in London. Doug finished up a conference today, and we look forward to worship tomorrow. Happy Sabbath!

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3 thoughts on “The English Pub

  1. How very lovely! Enjoy London and the fellowship! Our daughter is headed to London in about 10 days – I am sure this picture with prime the excitement. Thanks for sharing a bit of the adventure.

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