Cool and Techy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Here in Atlanta at the ACCS conference, Doug was showing off his cool and dandy iPhone case that I bought him. I took full credit for it and mentioned another cool techy gift which I bought him for Father’s Day (but gave him early). So this nice man suggested I put up a post for the wives called “Cool Techy Gifts for Father’s Day” (or something like that). Which I thought was a great idea. So here’s the list. Kind of short. But here’s a warning first: If you are reading this, and you are a dad, don’t read any further. You might spoil your own Father’s Day surprise. This post is for the gift-givers only.

1. The iPhone case. You can recharge the case itself, so when the phone runs out of charge, there’s still another load waiting in the case. Amazing, huh?

2. I don’t know what this one is called, but I bought it at Kinkos. It looks like a coffee cup, so it fits in the coffee cup holder in your car and plugs into the lighter. On the top of the cup is a place you can plug in your phone to recharge, or even run your computer. And, since it fits in the coffee cup holder, it doesn’t clog up the front seat. Neat. Doug only has to drive for about three or four minutes to get to work, so I doubt he will use it much in his truck. But on longer trips, it will be very cool, dandy, and helpful.  And it looks snazzy, almost like a Starbucks cup.

3. I once got him one of those back massage plug-in seat covers, which he enjoys, but it is mostly in the way. Where do you put it when you don’t want a massage, which ends up being most of the time? So I don’t recommend that one, though it was kinda techy.

4. I’m now only on #4 and I don’t have any more ideas. Except for what I got him for this Father’s Day, and I don’t want to put that up on the world-wide web just yet.  It’s cool, but it turns out, it’s not very techy. Sometimes you just have to break out of the box.

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5 thoughts on “Cool and Techy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. I don’t think my hubby reads this blog, so it’s probably safe to admit that I ordered him a copy of Notes-from-the-Tilt-a-Whirl Film Series from Canon Press. And I am pleased to say that it will arrive just in time. 🙂
    For dads, we got iTunes gift cards so they can download Olive Tree Bible Software products.
    So yeah, this is a techy year for us too! 🙂

  2. Way to go, Melissa! I saw a lot of dads buying their own copies today at the Canon Press booth. Nate’s Tilt-A-Whirl DVD was pre-released for sale here today, and it will be officially released next Tuesday. The DVD really is wonderful, and we pray God will use it to do great things.

  3. I got – and watched – the DVD today, and it’s great! Most of the things on my husband’s wish list are from Canon Press… and he often ends up buying them right when they get to the church book table. These are some good tips! My husband – and it seems most men in the CREC – always appreciates a good pipe tobacco blend or a fine scotch too. For those, I rely on the clerk at the shop to tell me what to buy 😉

  4. What if your husband is a luddite? 😉 Mine absolutely abhors technology, so my “gift” to him was to ask him read through Calvin’s Institutes again with me since I’ve never read it. You should have seen his face light up!

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