Don’t Blink!

Remember this cute little sweater I knit for Shadrach?

Well it turned into something more like this (through no fault of it’s own):

And since sweater weather isn’t exactly over yet in Northern Idaho, I had to knit him a new one. I really prefer breathable wool for smooshing into carseats – with a hat and a good blanket they are more than warm enough, but don’t get all sweaty in transit.  I was in a hurry this time and thought I better use some yarn from the stash (I’ll have to tell you about that sometime). Ended up making quite the wild sweater – but it is big enough and warm enough. And the baby inside it just kills me more and more every day.

His Daddy was really pleased that the first one, worn in Fall, channeled the Chicago Bears. This one clearly is channeling the Cubs, right? With all the wooden button/ bat symbolism in play? We are just saying yes, it was totally on purpose. Of course it was.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Blink!

  1. How on earth you fine the time to whip up such fabulous stuff is entirely beyond me, you are a busy mama using her God given talents! And the second picture of him looking like he’s going to pop out of that hood at any second – made me laugh out loud. THIS is why I visit the Femina website every. single. day.

  2. I love the bird picture and that cute little guy in his hand knit sweater!! Was that done in the round as one piece? Did I read you correctly-did you paint that beautiful picture? Wow!!!

  3. Christa- the first one is called Stormy jacket you can find the pattern here–bark-cap

    The second one was kinda improved. I used a few numbers from the Jonah Hoodie on the Lion Brand website. But I did it in stockinette, picked up a button band, increased at the back of the good, and picked up and knit sleeves down instead of seaming them in. The second is set in sleeves instead of raglan- and it is much bulkier.

    Cathy- I didn’t do the painting, my sister did that cute thing! Both the sweaters were knit on circular needles, but flat. The first from the top down, and the second from the bottom up.

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