Grandmother Appreciation Project Week

So here’s the mania that’s been happening around here the last few days. Nana (my mom) had a big blank wall that needed something on it . . . and I thought a painting of a lot of cold and moody birds would be just the ticket. Can you guess from the painting what the weather has been like in Idaho this week?

But at the same time, Granny (Ben’s mom) is getting ready for her Kindergarten class to put on a very dramatic performance of “The Empty Pot” on Friday. They needed props. So yesterday we whizzed up a lot of rhinormous and very eccentric crepe paper flowers. They help us to forget what the weather has been like in Idaho last week.


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6 thoughts on “Grandmother Appreciation Project Week

  1. The beautiful painting, the cheery flowers, – is there nothing you fabulous Wilson-related ladies can’t do?! You are definitely using the talents God gave you and NOT burying them – beautiful testimony!

  2. Love them!

    Especially how the birds look hunched into fat little fluffs. Beautiful blues and grays and cheerful touches of red.

    The flowers are pure fun. 🙂

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