Dandelion Fire is Out and About

Today my son’s book, Dandelion Fire (the second in the 100 Cupboards trilogy)  is released, so we are toasting N.D. today even though he is on the road on a book tour. You may have seen this link over on my husband’s blog to a very fun interview with Nate about DF, as well as his book tour schedule. Are we excited? Well, yes!

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5 thoughts on “Dandelion Fire is Out and About

  1. Your son will be in Tempe Arizona tonight at 7pm so we are driving down there to meet him and get our copy of “Dandelion Fire” signed. Yipee!

    The kids are really excited and so are we. Geoff was disappointed he wouldn’t be there, he’s in Denver on a business trip. He told us not to start the book until he comes home tomorrow night. 🙂 He said if we start it we have to be willing to have him start reading it to us from the beginning. Of course I’m very tempted to just stay up all night and read it all in one sitting. Hee Hee 🙂

  2. Dandelion Fire was on my son’s birthday wish list. Our copy is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Looking forward to reading it…when my son is finished, of course!

  3. As Angie is, I am anxiously awaiting a copy of the book for my daughter’s birthday (not until April). I saw the book tour schedule and was disappointed to see no stores near us. Oh, well, I am happy the book is coming!

  4. I was afraid ours wasn’t coming today, but something must have made the mailman late…maybe he’s reading it, too?

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