(Little Chloe looks so cute that I am reluctant to write a post and move her down the page.) Doug and I are staying in a wonderful spot out in the heartland of America, Ohio. Lots of land here, with a house and a big red barn and silo every so often. Lovely! And it is sunny, cold, and the grass is starting to assume its gentle spring green. This place, as I understand, is the site of a 19th c. Mennonite settlement. So our dinner tonight reminded me of the Good and Plenty out in Lancaster, PA: all you can eat buffet with everything imaginable and all delish. Doug is here at the hotel with me, site of the ladies’ conference (at which I am speaking) as well as a quilting group and a scrapbooking group. I think there is probably some male staff somewhere in the building, but I have seen only one. But Doug has not suffered too badly since the guys at Christ the Word left him some good looking beer in the fridge and promise to take him pheasant hunting tomorrow.

Meanwhile (though I realize you didn’t ask) the Merkles are trekking around Europe with the Wilsons (N.D.) for a spring break extravaganza. Picture this: nine kids, four adults, one large people mover that seats fifteen, and one of the destinations is Rome! Can’t wait to read about this one. Fasten all seatbelts.

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3 thoughts on “Doings

  1. well, i must admit to a twinge of envy upon reading this! it sounds like you are having a lovely time at your conference… and as though your dearest isn’t suffering *too* terribly much;)

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