Party Favors

 This past weekend Doug and I were at Christ the Word in Toledo, and I had the pleasure of teaching at their annual ladies’ conference. The theme was “The Feminine Heart” and these ladies had been preparing and praying for the conference for some time, and it showed. One of the ways it showed was these favors they made for all the attendees, some 86 or so women. Each handkerchief is embroidered and packaged up and tied up with a bow. They are an impressive group of women in many ways, good at both the big picture and the details. And on top of that, they know how to have fun!


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8 thoughts on “Party Favors

  1. Nancy,

    I just got back from our Wednesday morning Bible study, and all the women were rejoicing in the great weekend they had with you. I’ve heard from many women about specific things that they learned from your teaching, and ways that they are practically applying the weekend’s lessons. Thank you so much for giving your time and energy to share with us the things the Lord has shown you over the years.

    I personally had a great time meeting you and getting to talk with you. And I’m glad my baby cooperated and showed up on time for me to attend everything. 🙂

    Thanks for coming!

    Sarah D.

  2. I have been renewed by your encouragement and (gentle)chastisement this weekend. You are as great in person as your writings suggest you to be. I praise God for women such as yourself who are willing to teach me (and others) the Word and who are fun and able to laugh at themselves and be real along the way! You are a blessing and encouragement to me and I praise God for you and others like you in my life. Also, you mentioned the “Pastor’s wife” writings when you were here…could you post a link or send those to me if you come across this little note and have a moment to spare…Thank you, Lynnette (Brunhilda)

  3. Are there any recordings of your messages? Those of us that missed Toledo in the spring / winter want to eavesdrop. 🙂

  4. Dear Bean,

    We’ll let Nancy know when we get everything edited and posted. She can pass on the whereabouts :).

    Many blessings – SF

  5. I am so glad you came – what a fun time. “The Feminine Heart” is a title that could be put to a number of different things, all with vastly different meanings, but I’m glad you for your application and teaching. Scriptural. Convicting. Practical.

    And, our time on Monday was really special; thank you for that. I know you’ve had a lot of rumors float around about you or Doug over the years. Here’s one that I recently heard: you did dishes – by hand, mind you – at the Bayly’s house. What a show off! 🙂

    Blessings to you and your family,

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