Tanto Tiempo Sin Verte

It’s been too long, eh? Here’s a long overdue post with a bunch of non-related tidbits for your perusal.

While I didn’t make an appearance, I did zip through the blog party links. Hip, hip, yahoo for all you readers. Thanks for playing. Quite the variety of gals we have out there.

This has been a crazy year for us Wilson peoples so far. A week after Marisol was born, Nate took off on whirlwind, twelve day tour for a National Geographic documentary on the Shroud of Turin. He made himself a counterfeit shroud some years ago and despite his best attempts to keep that skeleton in the closet, no such luck. You can see the show next Sunday, April 18. Check here for more info.

For those of you in need of something new for the ears, Jakob Dylan has a fresh CD, Women and Country. Nate just picked it up on our last Starbucks run, and so far, so good. Seeing Things was excellent so hopes are high around here.

N.D. Wilson Today Show festivities have been postponed until next Friday, April 16. 100 Cupboards is an Al’s Book Club pick, for those of you not in the know.

Though I don’t make a habit of sending people to youtube, this one made my day. Meet the Chinese Susan Boyle. Do note the awesomeness of the hair. Fans of “The Bodyguard” will appreciate.

To cap things off, here’s the main (and most fabulous) reasons my postings have been most absent.

Cheers, a belated happy Easter and hope to catch you all again before another year passes!

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19 thoughts on “Tanto Tiempo Sin Verte

  1. I just saw your inlaws across the street from my hotel here in Cincinnati.
    They look great.
    I’m going to be encouraged by Nancy in the morning.
    And your little family is just beautiful!

  2. Almost dost thou make me wisheth we had a baby in the house! Our five range from 22 to 8. Those baby years are precious.Very happy for your husband’s opportunities. I just started The Chestnut King last night.

  3. Always love hearing your updates Heather! Thanks for taking a few moments to update! You and Nate sure know how to pack a punch in life!!! Yahooo! Love you!

  4. I love the title of this post because ¡Yo soy mexicana y hablo español!

    Your kids are beautiful, and yes, it is a joy to spend hours loving and kissing little ones.

    Enjoy your journey.

  5. Well, at least I didn’t miss Nate this morning on Today. I watched most of the first hour and had to leave before he would have been interviewed. Maybe I’ll be home next week to see him…and then Sunday with the Shroud of Turin documentary! I almost wondered this morning (on Today) if they might interview him about the Shroud, since they mentioned it’s back out for view.

  6. Cute baby! Can’t wait for…I was going to say something about Nate on TV, but then it was sounding like a poem, and that’s kind of weird. Looking forward to the TV appearances…and we might mozy on down to see him in Seattle too. Like nice polite stalkers.

    And I love Jakob Dylan. 🙂

  7. Oh Marisol is huge! I cannot believe it has been long enough since she was born to have her be so big. Good to see your still out there.



  8. Cutest nieces and nephews!!!! We love you all and miss you! Can’t wait to all be together soon. And I have told everyone to watch Nate! Too fun.

  9. I first read you through this blog and now I have the chance to worship God with your beautiful sisters! Your kids look just like Hope’s! Another beautiful family.

    We also love the books. Half-way through Dandelion Fire and can’t get enough of it!

  10. Marisol is precious as are all the rest of your children.

    My five children spanning from 11-20 (there are two more, but they are younger) had to restrain themselves from fighting over our one copy of The Chestnut King. I suppose one solution would be to buy them each a copy to cherish and share with their own children some day!

  11. I can’t be the only person here who didn’t take Spanish in highschool. A little private googling left me pondering the translation, “Such a lot of weather without seeing you.” But that seemed unlikely. So…?

    Good to have you blogging again, Heather! 😉

  12. Oh wait. I’ve got it–Long time no see, right? So maybe it’s not so much a matter of not taking Spanish in highschool, as it is a matter of having non-functioning brain cells at night.

  13. I think it means “So much time has passed without seeing you”, or something to that effect. Adorable pictures.

  14. Looking forward to the NG special! One of the physicists who examined the shroud attended our church in Raleigh, so we find the topic particularly interesting. I had read through the blog dedicated to Nate’s re-creation some time ago and had wondered why it wasn’t more publicized. Glad it’s getting air time!

    (And I’ll add to the oohs and aahs over your little ones too!)

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