Advent Begins November 28

Just thought I would be helpful and give you all a heads up that Advent will arrive in November this year. Otherwise, since Christmas is on a Saturday, we would only have three Sundays before Christmas, and as you know, the Advent wreath has four candles to be lit, one for each week of Advent, with the Christmas candle lit on Christmas Day.

And if you want to give out your Advent gifts to the kids, you’ll definitely need four weeks to do that! So my grandkids will be getting their Christmas jammies on Saturday, November 27….right after Thanksgiving! Believe it or not, I found fifteen pairs of cute Christmas jammers. (No, they don’t all match….too many variables!)

I was feeling a little smug about doing some Christmas shopping early this year, and I bought the three Femina girls some adorable snow boots, had them wrapped and stashed in the forbidden Christmas closet. But then, trouble struck. Actually, it turned out all for good. But Rachel was chatting with me in the kitchen and mentioned that she had just ordered herself the cutest pair of snow boots….so I sneered at her a little and asked what kind they were. Sorel. Oh great. What do they look like? Yep. She ordered herself the same pair (in a different color). What could I do but tell her the truth! Then Heather announced that she needed boots, so maybe she could buy the extra pair. Well, that’s all I needed. So I went downstairs and got the girls their Christmas gifts! Now they all have a new pair of snow boots in time for the first snow. Here’s a pic of them modeling those early Christmas boots! Pretty cute, huh?

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14 thoughts on “Advent Begins November 28

  1. Love the boots! I’m so glad to see the site is back and we can now comment on posts, too. It’s always a pleasure to read the femina girls’ posts, and particularly fun during advent. (Hint, hint – Keep ’em coming!)

  2. The boots are cute, but I am mostly so glad to see you have your blog all patched up. What a relief when those complicated problems are solved!

  3. I am so happy Femina is back up. It is almost Thanksgiving with advent coming up and I hadn’t been able to pull the site up for 5 days. I was beginning to panic!

    I have almost completed my advent calendar, and sure would love some ideas of what to put in it….
    Great story and cute boots!

  4. I really like the idea of Christmas Jammies for the 1st advent gift. Never thought of that. They’ll get a lot more use. Thanks. Cute boots.

  5. Thanks for the reminder about advent. I was wondering if you could post some ideas for how to celebrate the advent season with your family. My husband and I are interested in incorporating the church calendar more into our family routine. It has been so long since (evangelical) Christians in America have taken seriously the church calendar that I admit we’re at a bit of a loss about historical, traditional and meaningful ways to share the season with our family. I wondered if you have any thoughts about it. Thanks.

  6. Yay! The comment button works! Cute boots! We don’t have much use for such lovely things in Phoenix but I’ll think of something for my kiddos. πŸ™‚

  7. Love those boots! And loved the accompanying little anecdote. πŸ™‚
    I grew up with advent being a big deal in the French Protestant tradition, but we never did the advent gifts. We would have very special advent breakfasts with goodies only found that time of year in France. Now Dave and I are following in that tradition with our little fam, but are adding the advent gifts for the kids…and eachother. πŸ™‚

  8. Advent in November! Thanks for the reminder, I am definitely a one-holiday-at-a-time sort of mind, so seeing Christmas stuff in the stores is already getting me anxious! I also have a 5-year-old whose birthday is only a few days before Christmas, so I try to get all the Christmas stuff done BEFORE his birthday.

  9. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one sweating to see if Femina would be back before Advent! I admit I’m a bit ready for a longer holiday season. Having to prep for two holidays at the same time is a bit intense πŸ™‚

    Speaking of Advent – there’s a lot of us I expect that will be traveling over the holidays and would love your perspective on the current TSA shenanigans. For us the options are get (ahem) handled by some blue-shirt or drive roughly 6,000 miles round trip. We’re considering the drive, but flying is certainly more convenient. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

  10. Natalie,
    My husband just wrote a blog post about the TSA on his blog. The title of the article is The Third Amendment and TSA Porn Scanners.

  11. Nancy,

    I’m so thankful you have shared your Advent gift tradition in past posts/talks. We now have two sweet grandbabies and started doing Advent gifts last year. We think it will develop into a wonderful way for the grandkids to anticipate the entire Advent season, rather than simply Christmas Day.

    I stole “Family Dinner Night” from you Wilsons years ago when our oldest son was 17 and growing up and moving out was looming on the horizon. It has become an essential part of our family life, keeping us close together as children grow and scatter, drawing new children-in-law into the family circle, and providing a place and time for mending relationships and developing new traditions. I’m excited to “steal” Advent gifts as well and watch how this tradition develops over the years.

    Thanks for the many practical tidbits you’ve shared over the years. They continue to work in our family’s life to build joy and closeness into our home as our home expands to include new generations!

    A Grateful Grammy

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