We had one of those crisp, sunny, clear wintry days today where the sun streamed in our windows leaving large sun puddles on the floor. I found one of those sun puddles and sat down and ate my lunch in it. Ahh. Lovely. This made me think of spiritual applications. (I think I learned from the Puritans that you can find a spiritual application in most everything, though I am hardly in their league when it comes to doing this.) Anyway, this made me think of several things. One is that the sun is so cheering, especially in a place where it can be gray for the winter months. God brightens our lives, creating sun puddles in the midst of gray. Second, we should grab hold of those puddles and bask in them, because soon they may be gone. But then we can still soak them up in our memory. God does so many good things for us, and we can get distracted by the difficulties and troubles, even little troubles like a broken washing machine or a sore throat. If we enjoy the surprise of the sun puddles, we can interpret all God’s ways toward us in a good light. And this makes us grateful and contented and peaceful.

Okay, some of you are looking for shade puddles because you have sun pouring in all year long. Fine. I can work with that.

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10 thoughts on “Sun Puddles

  1. I needed this so much today. I’m busier than I ever have been at Christmas and although I enjoy the busy I also miss some of the calm from last Christmas when my husband and I would just sit down with a glass of wine and a board game or movie. So I guess I need to remember those “sun puddles” from last year and enjoy all the wonderful cookie making fellowship from this year.

  2. Amen! And the beauty of it is that even if the sun puddle goes away today, He is sure to bring another one tomorrow. Might be in a different spot, bigger, smaller, last longer, etc. but there is always the hope of another one.

  3. Thank you, please know that the Holy Spirit is using your words to encourage in ways you’ll never even know!

  4. Hey guess what?! I’ve been enjoying a shade puddle for the last two days. It actually rained here yesterday! Yipee skippy!! Rain in Phoenix! I took this God given opportunity and made tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. And today it’s cold (60.3 degrees) and overcast, it’s absolutely wonderful. Wish I can bottle it up. I love it when it’s gray and overcast. Isn’t our God wonderful how He can gift you with sun puddles and me with shade puddles. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. As I read this I WAS sitting in a sun puddle and how glorious they are. I can fall asleep on my couch with one of those puddles on my face!! Thanks so much for your application and encouragement. I will never forget sun puddles now, or shade puddles for that matter.

  6. I love the Puritan flavour of this post. And even though I live in the Antipodes, there are still six months of the year when I can enjoy a good sun puddle!

  7. Hi Mrs. Wilson!
    I’ve never experienced anything like an Idaho sun puddle. When I was there, curling up in one was the best way to study. My sister used to drag our funiture around to where ever the puddle was just to take a nap in one!

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