Good Preaching

A few tidbits from the last two sermons:

True prophets love the world without trusting it; false prophets trust the world without loving it.

Your heart should be lower than your knees when you bow down.

When leaders get above themselves and let their hearts go to seed, God does not mind taking them down. God is fully willing to overthrow His appointed leaders. Creative destruction is something He knows how to do.

We like comfort more than holiness.

Sometimes God crosses His arms to bless, just like Jacob did when he blessed the sons of Joseph.

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8 thoughts on “Good Preaching

  1. We were blessed to be able to worship with you two Sundays ago and to be reminded of the concept of one body though our congregations are so different. It was nice to get to meet you, Nancy, even if for just a quick moment.

  2. I’m lagging behind…finally listening to Doug’s Roman’s series. Actually, I’ve been listening to one particular sermon over and over again. I think I’m up to eight repeats. Sometimes a message really hits the spot, and sometimes the spot really needs lots o’ hittin’!

  3. Nancy,

    The first quote about prophets is one that really stuck out to me when I heard it on the weekly sermon CD. I listen to them every Thursday morning – the only time I *know* I”ll be in the van, by myself, with enough time to listen.

    I’m eagerly waiting for this past week’s sermon from Christkirk to come – hopefully tomorrow!

    Thank you for the tidbits. I am often hoping you’ll post them. They do sooooo encourage me.

    Hope you are having a good week!


    P.S. – Ben’s message about the poison of the side-long glance was fantastic. (from about a month ago..)

  4. Creative destruction… so well put. Thanks for sharing! We receive your husband’s sermons in the mail and enjoy listening to them while driving, while ironing, whenever we happen to miss church, and, well, whenever. Such a blessing! ~Lisa

  5. Hi there Nancy,

    From one Pastor’s Wife to another – keep cheering your husband on and exhorting others to listen to such “good preaching!” I know you know faithful preachers don’t often get the encouragement they need and I know you know many pulpits in our land have grown dry and empty of good ol’ fashion Bible Truth! Thanks for your continual support of your husband and the call on his life. It has been such an encouragement to me.

    Continue to glory in your husband’s calling. Your example in this has been something God has used to help me do the same no matter how difficult it can be especially when the preacher is about good preachin – this seems to bring out the best and worst in folks!
    Much love in Jesus to you and yours,
    Diane L. Vaughan

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